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VLAN on 24 port switch.


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Yeah, I never used VLANs for performance, unless by that you mean using QoS to prioritize one VLANs traffic over another.


When I've used VLANs, it is largely for organization and security.  For example, I worked in education.  I didn't want a student with computer skills to be able to figure out they might be able to scan IP ranges for security cameras, and then attempt to log into them via Web UI.  So the cameras were on a separate VLAN, with a route for them to the server, but no option for students to get to them.


In an environment that needs a much higher number of IP addresses (like where I was) it was nice to organize IP projectors into a VLAN.  I had two VLANs for the wireless access points; one for the IP range and private LAN SSID, and one for the student SSID.  This meant students traffic could only go to the Internet, and couldn't touch staff computers, or the server (which they didn't need access to).  However, most of this stuff is pointless for a home network, and you don't have to use VLANs to use QoS.  Also, VLANs will require static routes if you need a bunch of devices on one VLAN to communicate with a server or other device on another, which gets complicated in a home environment.

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