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installed new HDD in bay and now wont boot


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Hi Guys,


Ive got an SSD that is connected using the spare sata port which was initially the sole drive in my Gen8 MS. I had installed it with the setting "SATA AHCI controller" and all was fine, installed windows server 2012 and everything


ive just added a new drive (WD green 6TB) and noticed that my OS was no longer booting. i followed the instructions here: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6728-gen-8-boot-off-ssd/(post 6) and swapped the boot order after having changed from SATA AHCI to SATA Legacy.


Windows now appears to load however it then states that windows is damaged and the server restarts a couple of times doing the same thing and then proceeds to an automatic repair window but to no avail.


My question is, is there anything in the bios screen i did incorrectly to now be causing this constant loop of a failing windows and if so, what should I do to rectify this?


Thank you.

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i dont particularly want or need to run AHCI, i just want to boot off the SSD and have bay drives used as storage, do I still need to follow the instructions on the link, is that my only option?

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In AHCI mode the Gen8 will only boot from the ODD SATA port if no drives are in the front bays.

If you switch to B120i mode, you can configure each drive as a single drive RAID0 and boot from any drive, but I am not sure of driver support for OMV.


There are some threads on the forum that talk about setting a SSD as RAID0 on the ODD SATA port running a flavor of Linux and getting the front four bays to run AHCI. That only seems to work in Linux and I am not sure how stable it will be.

This one has a lot of info:


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so for the legacy mode, do you think it might just be a case of reinstalling windows and that should work? i hadnt really done anything on it up until now and i think would rather just install a fresh copy and once and for all be done with it?


I looked at the first link you provided and it might just be my flu taking over, but what is the MicroSD/USB Key that is spoken of? Is that guide and example when the USB Key/MicroSD has windows and is booting off of that? Or is a USB Key needed for something else?

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