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Failed to install OMV on Gen8 1610T due to GRUB


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I've got it working, still the same idea as Syner suggested, install Debian 7, then update-grub to microSD. thanks for all your help.

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Sorry, just seen the replies as I haven't got any notification.


No, OMV as far as I know is not yet compatible with Debian 8.

It does run on Debian 7.8.


Now that you mention grub which keeps failing, I remember I had the same issue when using a USB stick (in the internal port).

I ruled out that GRUB failed to install because there was a corrupted memory block on the first 2048 sectors.

LILO was installing (apparently) fine instead but it won't boot anyway.


Try to use a different SD card or try on a memory stick, just for a test.




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