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Dell vs. Newegg, 1 vs. 3 year warranty


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First, a little background.  My parish currently has a Microserver N40L running WHS2011 that is used some as a file server and to provide a backup location for the rest of the computers.  Lately I've been having trouble with them getting viruses on their computers, and I know at least a couple were because they downloaded an installer from the the wrong location or something similar.  The current server has been there since February 2012 and has worked quite well for what it was supposed to do.  It also provides the network install of their parish management software, an old Visual Foxpro application that is 'network capable' by installing it on one computer and then sharing that folder to the rest of the computers.  BTW, it keeps both the executables and the data files in that folder.  I've been looking at the Dell T20 as an upgrade to the current server.  My plan is to put WS20102R2 Essentials on it, mostly to get the centralized credentials and a little more control over the client computers.  I've also been trying to convince them to use the file server more, so hopefully that'll be helped if I enable folder redirection for them :).  A large part of why I'm looking at the T20 is because they buy Dell computers for all of their workstations and laptops, so I figured it would be good to look at the same manufacturer.  There doesn't seem to be much difference between the Dell T20 and the Lenovo TS140, and I'd prefer to avoid the G8 due to HP's recent policy changes around downloads.


Anyways, my questions are these:

1) Does it matter where I buy the computer from?  There's a slight price difference between Dell and Newegg, but not a particularly significant one for the hardware I'm looking at.  Do I gain anything by working with Dell directly instead of going through Newegg or another reseller?  As far I as can tell, I get the 1yr warranty no matter who I buy the hardware from.

2) Is there much benefit to getting the 3yr extended warranty instead of the default 1yr warranty?  Luckily, the current server (and actually most of their computers) have been very well behaved from the hardware side.  This makes me feel a bit hard-pressed to say that they must have the extended warranty, but part of me thinks that losing the server for several days, especially if I can get folder redirection working for them, would not be a good thing.


What thoughts/recommendations do you guys have regarding this?  I've already figured out I need to write down some other guidelines/policies for them since so otherwise getting new hardware seems to be "go buy something from Dell that seems good and is as cheap as possible".

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The base price of the model I'm looking at is $519 (I figure I should probably go for the Xeon processor, thinking about investigating WSUS in the future).  I can get it for $499 on Newegg.


The base warranty is 1yr Basic Hardware Warranty.

The 3yr warranty adds $214 to the base price.  That's for their 3yr ProSupport warranty.

The 1yr ProSupport warranty adds $104 to the base price.


Any thoughts on why I can't get a 3yr Basic Hardware Warranty?

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