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Windows Server 2016 Preview


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Hi all,


I thought I would put together my findings on testing this OS out in case anyone is interested,



I have been running the first preview for around 6 months with no major issues on my Gen8 Microserver, seemed pretty stable, 


A couple of days ago they released Tech Preview 2 (build 10074), so now I have upgraded to the second preview,


The server installs WITHOUT a GUI (i.e no desktop), however if you go to the services and features bit of the server management you can add the Desktop service! (phew)


I find that I'm learning Power shell very fast out of necessity haha, 


This OS is very flakey!! no where near as stable as the first! 


Menus are missing everywhere in the GUI, no GUI update or settings, nor notifications, however the updates work OK via powershell



You can bet that they will release some patches soon to sort all this out, looking like a good OS once its finished! 


Before I enabled the GUI it was using just 0.7GB of ram on the OS! WOW! 


My P222 installed fine, didn't have to add any drivers... 



If anyone has any questions just let me know, 



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MS really don't want servers to have GUIs any more, they're moving more and more towards a *NIX-like system, where it's PowerShell or remote admin.


Personally I think that's a great strategy for business, which I guess is 99% of their market for Windows Server.  It sucks for home users.  But, then again, there's no reason why you can't use Windows 8.1 Pro as a home server, I've done it before and it's worked perfectly.


The only issue with their strategy is how many "enterprise" programs need a GUI to function.

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for those I think they want you to host virtual desktop environments or remoteapp features (and buy licenses per device or per user) rather than having them run from the server gui directly. they have to make a living after all (I keep saying that about doctors and anyone wanting to turn me in to a  subscription user)


I can't fault them for supporting admin via powershell though, as it allows lots of centralized cloud admin by you spending more money on system center. I bet they consider server gui a 'minority' need and WMC users certainly know how it feels to be considered a minority by microsoft.

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Slight update, 


Today seems like MS pushed the first non security patch for Server Preview Build 2, and it seems to have made little to no changes to the issues I'm having, perhaps all of the MS devs are beavering away with Win10 and poor Server 16 is taking a back seat until they churn it out...  <_<

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Enterprise operations are not going to migrate to this OS.  Maybe the next one but not 2016 or whatever it's called.  2012R2 is just now becoming mainstream for them.

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