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G8 turned on by itself


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My G8 was off all day yesterday, when i got home in the evening it was on.


I asked my son if he had turned it on and he said no but he tried to access it from his pc by just double clicking on the G8 icon in the network section.


This seemed to be enough to turn it on ?


He did not even have the log in details to access it at this time.


Should that be happening ?


I'm assuming it relates to WOL but i have not touched anything in the bios etc.



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Recreate the scenario to see if it works like your son detailed.


Power spike?

Possibly a power fail and return of power caused the server to power up.


After testing the two scenarios check the BIOS settings for WOL and return from loss of power.

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ok thanks will do when i finish work.


i dont think it was loss of power though as my son was on his pc all evening, he would of mentioned this.



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I've checked the bios and WOL is enabled.


And Automatic Power-On is set to Restore Last Power State.


So if it was a power glitch / cut it should have stayed in standby mode.


I checked my son's pc and there is no network icon for the G8 while its in standby mode anyway (which makes sense).


So god knows why it happened, i will find out exactly what he done later.  

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