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Best use for small SSD in Gen8 ESXi testbed?


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Hey all, bit by bit I am completing my build. I now have 16GB RAM and an HP P222 in RAID5, ESXi booting from a MicroSD.


I have a spare SATA2 SSD, I have bought the adapter so it is now fitted in the optical bay and connected to the ODD SATA port. I thought the only real use for it was as a cache drive but are there any other options? I only ask because 16GB RAM is quite a lot for me as I will probably only run a couple of VMs full time and the rest will be there for when I need to test some stuff or have a play/learn a new system, I wasn't sure if I would need the cache and knew people here would have some ideas!


It is too small to host the VMs, even if it was large enough I am not sure what the improvements would be compared to the RAID5 array as it is only a SATA2 port and I am not experienced with proper RAID.


Thanks  :D

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If it is a SATA III SSD then you can buy a SFF-8087 to discrete forward breakout cable to get access to the two SATA III ports.


Unless the drive is very small, your best option is probably just to use it as another datastore to store the OS VMDK for one of your VMs.


You can either use it as Host Cache which is just an extra tier of swap or as vFRC which does read caching of VMDKs and can also act as Host Cache.

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