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Setting up a raid 1 in the storage manager


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hi there,


Sorry for asking a silly question but when I fitted my two 3tb nas disks into my hp g8 I could not see how to create a raid 1 in the storage manager ?


For now I created two separate raid 0 disks which was easy to do.


Ans I can make a raid in windows of course if needed I suppose.


Also after creating the raid 0 disks once in windows there were about three partitions for each disk, not sure why, so I deleted these to create one partition for each.

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What OS are you running? Many OS do not like drives bigger than 2TB.

Are the two drives the only ones in the system? If yes, you should consider booting off something separate from you data drives.

Did you enter the HP storage management during boot or with the off line tool?

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I'm running windows 8.1 pro via an ssd in the sata odd port, as a raid 0 single and bootable.


The two 3tb drives are in bays 1 and 2 as raid 0 for each (individual)


I entered the storage manager during boot, I don't how to enter with an off line tool.



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Did you select both drives when you tried to set it up? 

You should be able to setup the RAID controller from any of three sources, the BIOS, off line or Windows app.

I like booting to the off line tool.

Here is the offline tool:


Here is the tool for 64B Windows, I have not tried it on Windows 8:


You will need to remove the RAID0 from the two drives before you can make them RAID1.

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Hi Schoondoggy,


I could not see where to select both drives to set this up, that's where i got stuck ?


Thanks for the links i will have a look later on.


Hi Joe_Miner,


Thanks also for the links, will check those out as well.


Another quick qestion, is it possible for the two drives i have fitted that the hard drives can spin down when not in use ? as when i look in the power plan in windows there are not much options in there like you normally get.


Thanks guys.

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I just looked at video 4 and at the stage where you look at the unassinged drives and can select both to make the raid 1, i only had one unassinged drive, the other drive was in another section, i dont rememebr where now but thats why i got stuck.


Not sure why they both were not visible otherwise i would have been fine then ?


Maybe it has something to do with them coming out of my old synology nas drive, i just removed the volume before fitting them in the G8.



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Like Schoondoggy said: You need to remove the 3TB drive(s) from RAID0 -- then when they are both in unassigned drives you can select them and put them in a RAID1 in the SSA.

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