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Change Odd Port to 6Gb


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The G8, odd port from reading is slow..


Can I some how connect my SSD to the faster port - or make this work faster?


I am not using the on board Raid controller for the 4 drive bays. (P222 is installed)

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Just saw your reply in my other post..


Is this a.connector that goes into the b120i? Then the ssd plugs in there?


Were is the cheapest place I can get this?

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so will this one work?

Yes. I'm using it in my G8 microserver right now with a SSD on port 1 of the internal B120i controller.


I doubt you'll be able to find that cable in a shop as it is fairly specialised.

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Cables here..


The ssd plugged in the odd port have windows installed..if I connect this now to the on borard raid controller...will it just boot up? Or will I need to format and install windows again?

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