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Cannot remove one of the internal Hard Disk.


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Ok, now It is a bit clearer.


First, thanks for having time to spend with me


Second, what do you suggest to do?

I mean, if drive Q (assuming it is the drive creating problems) is damaged, I need to remove and replace it.

But the removing procedure is not working.

Someone else in another forum suggested this:

Just pull the drive out.
Connect it to your pc.
Turn on view hidden folders.files.
You can run chkdsk while connected to the pc, As well as copy back the files to the server.
Once the drive is pulled if you reboot the server you can delete the now phantom drive.

Is it something that can work?

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Glad to help clear it out, but sorry that the disk does appear to be having issues. :(



As for removing the drive, if you can't remove it the normal way, there are a couple of options.

The trick I've used is to use "fsutil" to create empty files on the disk repeatedly, until the DE Migrator service evacuated the drive. 

This is very effective, but if the disk IS having issues, it may not work.


In this case, ..... physically remove the disk. You'll get a missing disk error. Remove the missing disk from the pool. 

After doing so, you can copy the contents of the removed disk back into the pool.

Either reconnect it directly, or open it on another computer.

There should be a hidden "DE" folder in the root of the drive, and its contents should match the layout of "D:\" on the WHSv1 system exactly. 

If you're copying the files remotely, then use "\\SERVERNAME\d$\" to access the D:\ drive from the network. Copy the files from the DE folder into this folder (so that you overwrite D:\shares and D:\folders), and it will "rebuild" the pool structure.

Basically, it's doing this:


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ok, not so clear at 3:30 in the morning... so I am going to sleep and read again tomorrow

however, from what I understood, it should not be too complicated


in the meantime I deleted the "{5FCE7654-4538-4551-8B0E-DD07DC17229D}.Machine.configdat" file as you suggested and rebooted the server

now the The Windows home server computer backup is not running.

has been replaced by The Windows backup database has error.

and the system suggests to run the "Backup Database Repair Wizard"


Should I do it?

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Backup the database first (WHS BDBB if you have it, or just copy the contents of "D:\folders\{00008086-058D-4C89-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}" to another drive).


And then, yes run the repair wizard.




Also, good call at the 3:30AM thing. Always better to do this sort of stuff when you're not tired!!!

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I run the repair wizard and now I have again the old error message: The Windows home server computer backup is not running.



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