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Thanks for the podcast and congrats on 100! I've been listening since 65 or so and always look forward to the new episodes. And thanks for the mention on 100, you guys have built a great community here and I look forward to the next 100. And now for the info...


Name: jvk (Jeremy von Kuster)


Servers (Franken Servers all the way baby!):


Production Server




is WHS V1 in a Chenbro ES34069 case, mini-itx VIA motherboard with an embedded 1.8 ghz single core processor, 1GB RAM, three 3.5" drives with 1.75 TB total storage.


Test Server is the Mona Server that runs Vail Beta and sports a Micro-ATX ASUS M4A785-M motherboard with an AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz Socket AM3 Dual Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, two 2.5" Hard Drives with 480 GB total storage, a Slim DVD writter, and a PICOPSU-160-XT Powersupply with external PowerBrick.


Eye on: Anything, beggers can't be choosers :)

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Congratulations on hitting #100, I'm just finishing up #99 in the car today and will roll into the anniversary after that. Have been listening to the show since I got my WHS late last year, haven't missed one since.


Name: Mike


Server: EX490, upgraded to an E8200 CPU & 4TB storage, backing up six PCs and serving music and video throughout the house


Add-Ins: Logitech Squeezebox (most used), MyMovies for WHS (second most), Disk Management, Whiist, AdminiMe, Advanced Admin Console, WHS Toolkit


Lusting After: ioSafe or mControl, anything at all is still a bonus


Keep up the great work, looking forward to #200 and every show in-between....

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Thanks for the great shows. I have been listening for over a year now and it only gets better.

Adding the BYOB crew into the mix has been a good addition.

Keep up the great work.


Mr. Bill

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Name: Bill


Homebuild: amd x2 12tb 4gb mem and one big As@ case.


Loot: its all good =)


Time for the live podcast I have to go!

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Name: Andrew


Server: Dell Optiplex 620, 2GB RAM, 2TB storage


Loot: N/A, as I'm lurking from Australia :) If I was stateside, the Via Artigo or Microsoft stuff would be very cool :)

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Ok, I'll be getting the Artigo A1100 to try installing Windows Embedded Standard 7 MCE on it and write a blog on it and discuss it here.


Boy I wish I could keep it. :P

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Congrats Dave and the gang. Always enjoy the podcast, here's to 100 more!


Name: Tom, aka wodysweb


Server: Prod - VM running on ESXi4.1 (Intel i5-750, 8gb ram, 12tb) Test - VM running Hyper-V (Opteron 165, 4gb ram, 6tb)


Loot: I'm not picky, but mControl would be nice :-)

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Name: Chris


Current Server: Intel SS-4200ehw it was pretty much a hack to get running but I really like it.


Loot: probably Icy Dock or maybe the Microsoft stuff, I'm not picky, surprise me!

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