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Give Away Complete!

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Great work on the 100 shows guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Name: Craig Scholle


Server: Home Brewed Server.


Eye On: mControl - really want to try this out, just haven't forked over the cash for it.

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Congrats on 100 shows. I only recently discovered your shows so I am trying to listen to old episodes while trying to keep up on new episodes.


Name: Brennok


Server: Home built WHS

Norco 4220

C2D E5300


4 gig of Ram

12 drives of assorted sizes mostly older drives as I upgraded my main PCs.


Eye On: PerfectDisk and some of the Microsoft swag.

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Big congrats to the show hosts for doing the show and making this give away possible.


I have my eye on the ioSafe. But anything would float my boat.


I'm Alan and i have a HP mediasmart 495 unit.


Keep up the good work and thanks again.

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It really feels like a solid community has been built here with vendors and enthusiasts alike. Keep up the great work!


Name: Mike

Server: Frankenbuild. Intel 3200 series motherboard, Xeon X3220 processor, 4GB ECC, 2TB usable storage using WD5000BEVT drives. Looking to build a new i3 solution and repurpose existing hardware for a virtual server.

Loot: Definitely looking at the hardware, though I'm appreciative of any of it. Already own licenses for Adminime, Disk Management and Diskeeper, and I have a closet full of MS shwag my wife wants me to get rid of.

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Name: Anthony Raynor


Server: EX495 and iDEQ SFF test box


Just bought AdminiMe through the discount. Interested in Perfect Disk or the Keep Vault account.


Keep up the great works guys and show addingapple some love, the forums are a little sparse over there.

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Name: John Wills


Server(s): 2 Acer WH340's


Just purchased DigitalArcHound and that is impressive.


Loot: Appreciative of anything especially another WHS license.

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Thanks for your awesome podcasts, and congrats on 100th!


Name: John

Server: Lenovo Ideacentre D400

Loot: No preference, thanks.

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Thanks for the awesome show, and not just #100 all of them including those yet to be.


Name: Tim

Server: Homegrown, it seems to get larger every time I look at it! Intel P4 630, 2GB DDR2, Intel Gbit Ethernet, Rosewill 4 Port PCI SATA card, and a buttload of HDDs.

Loot: Everything! (except Disk Management, it's awesome, I just already have it!)

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Congrats again on episode 100!! The ustream chat was a blast.


Name: Dan

Server: Old HP Vectra Fankenbuild - add-ins BDBB and WHS Admin

Eye-on: being "north of the border" the VIA (ARTiGO A1100) is a perfect option.

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