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If you haven't heard episode 100 then stop and go listen! At the end of the show we list all the vendors that have so graciously offered their gear and software to us to give away. This is the largest give away that I have done and one of the largest I’ve seen in a long while.


Also, if you haven't taken the time to look over the Deals post please do so. There are several add-in authors and vendors offering up huge discounts but they are for a limited time. Don’t wait for the give away. Get out there and take advantage of the deals while you can.


Before I go any further I would like to once again thank these vendors for supporting this podcast and site. Without them we wouldn’t have anyone to talk to! Please consider these guys in your future purchases. These are vendors I trust and use. I’ve said this many times on the show but I won’t put products in front of you that I wouldn’t buy myself.




These prizes are available to the continental United States only unless otherwise specified.


You need to be a registered forum member with 10 or more posts. If you haven’t already registered go ahead and do so and add to the community. Fluff posts will be deleted. Don’t just post a bunch of junk or the mods will run you off!


The e-mail address on your forums registration will be the address I use to contact you.


One winner per household only.


One forums registration per e-mail address.


I reserve the right to change or add to these rules at any time. Why? Because I’m paying the postage!


End Date: August 11th, Noon CST




Lets get to the loot!




AdminiMe Add-In (15 licenses)


KeepVault (One 100Gb Pro & Business account, Value-$464)


Perfect Disk (3 licenses)


Disk Management ( 5 licenses)


Bit Defender (10 Licenses)


mControl (2 licenses)


Icy Dock ( multiple pieces )


VIA (ARTiGO A1100, open to Canadian addresses as well)


ioSafe (a 1.5 TB Solo and 10 t-shirts)


Microsoft (WHS Backpack, t-shirts, 2 WHS licenses, other WHS items)




Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about these companies and the products they have offered for this give away. Register by posting in this thread. Name, rank, and serial number. Well, how about name, what type of server you are running(signatures don't count!), and what you have your eye on in this give away list.

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Thanks to all the sponsors who made 100 such a momentous occasion!


I'm Ray, and I currently don't have a dedicated WHS box, although I was part of the early WHS Beta Team (go figure). I'm running a 2-Bay D-Link DNS-323, and am itching to step up to WHS finally. The MS giveaway would certainly help make that happen, although the ioSafe, VIA and Icy Dock giveaways are no slouches either! :)

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Dave - Do moderators get to play or are we not eligible?


Name: Chris

Server: HP EX485 MSS (My wife won this box in an online give-a-way during CES 2009).

Loot: I don't care what I win. I just feel good when I win something (even if it is an Origami ICY-Dock).


edit - I wanted to mention I already own Adminime and Perfect Disk. Any of the hardware looks good or mControl (like others have said).

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Thanks Home Server Show cast members and vendors for making this possible for us listeners. Keep up the great work.


Name: Gordon


Server: Dell OptiPlex 745 small form factor running WHS v1 w/ USB external hard drives for the WHS pool and WHS v2 (VAIL) in a VM on Virtual Box and a Dell OptiPlex 755 small form factor


What my eye is on: I would love to get the Icy Dock or ioSafe but I would be happy with anything.

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Name: Jim McCarthy


Server: Unlike most here, HP MSS EX475. Swapped out memory, otherwise stock. 4TB storage.


Eye On: All looks good to me!


Dave, I enjoy the show. From Diehard's "New English" to the episode about defragmentation, there is always something good going on here.

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Dave and gang - It's hard to believe it's been 100 shows. I started listening around episode 7 (but when back to catch up). Thanks for all you do Dave and keep up the great work.


Name: Keith

Server: My server

Loot: The ioSafe would be SWEET! but of course I'd be thankful to win anything.

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Name: Don Schoemaker here from the greater St. Louis are


Server: HP MSS EX495. Use Perfect Disk to keep it running smoothly. Only other Add-In I run right now is the TiVo one. 16TB storage - mostly 460 movies and 12 TV Series. Back up my household comps but mainly use the server as a media center for the family.


Eye On: Always looking for ways to add more server memory and/or ways to make the system more stable and secure.


Enjoy the show and enjoy the assistance the forums have given me when I've hit hard spots on my quests.

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Name: Petter here from Sweden


Server: Home built in an Antec P180 mini chassis. More info in my signature.


Eye On: Any of the licenses would be nice, even tough I'd really like mControl :)


Keep up the good work guys.

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Name: Matthew Guay


Server: None ... am I the only guy here without one? :( I do run Server 2008 R2 in VMware on my computer, and play with it from time to time. I always plan on starting to create an offsite backup, but I don't even have that yet. I guess you could say my home server solution for now is S3 + Google Apps + Windows Live Sync + Dropbox


Loot: I would really love the ioSafe (who wouldn't?). A copy of WHS wouldn't be bad, but since I don't actually have hardware to run it on right now, I wouldn't find it as useful as others. But hey, if I win something that I can't use, it'll go to a friend with a WHS ;)

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Congratulations guys, not just for the first 100 podcasts, but also for the successful website/forum. Best wishes for 100s more.


Keep up the great work.


Alvin Ramard - a Canadian transplanted in Memphis, TN

Server: Vail with 2 TB in storage pool, 4 TB outside the pool, running on newly built i3-540 processor with 4 GB ram.

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