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Windows 10 and WHS v1 ?


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Anybody tried win10 with WHS v1?

Not that I believe for a second that it will work, but I am still on WHS v1 and am holding a slim hope.

I have just upgraded all the home PC's to win7 except for one vista. I hear win10 will be free for the first year, so if by some slim change it works with win10 I would upgrade them, but I am guessing I will be sticking with win7 for years.

I do have a DIY win2012E box, but still love the good old WHS v1 x-510.

If anybody does try, please let me know how bad it goes lololool

Thx in advance.

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As of right now, Windows 10 boxes cannot successfully install the WHS connector nor the Essentials connector.

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Unfortunately, because WHSv1 has hit End of Mainstream support, it will no longer receive updates, This includes compatibility updates to support Windows 10.


As jmwillis has said, the connector software won't install.

However, you can still access the shares, just fine. 

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i know this is an old thread but...  my experience after updating my Windows 7 PCs to Windows 10 in August is full connection with my WHS V1. Share folders, log-in console from any Win 10 PC and backups of the Win 10 machines works to date. Not sure if I am missing anything that experts might know better of.

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I hear win 10 will still work with WHS V1, some have had to do a clean install of win 10 to get the connector to install.

Some have just had to uninstall the connector then re install it.


But I hear win 10 will go to monthly fee some years down the line, so I have stayed with win 7.

At least till Microsoft gets a new CEO and puts the ship back right. lolololoololol

Still running my x-510 and will as long as I can

Good luck all.

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