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Backup alert is generated for renamed computer


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I recently added a new computer to my 2012 Essentials server. (I added this remotely, if it matters.) I tried to do a client backup over VPN a few times but was unsuccessful. Eventually, after having it domain joined, I ended up renaming the computer while connected via VPN. Now the computer is on the same network as the server.


However, the Alert Viewer continues to show a two-month-old alert that the <old machine name> computer has not been backed up successfully. If I try to ignore or delete the alert it comes right back.


Has anyone run into this before? 

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What type of VPN were you using?


ALso, have you forwared port 1723 (PPTP), or Port 1701 and .... 500 I think (For L2TP) on your router.
And allow those VPN protocols through?




Or is this having issues with the just backing up?
If so, try to reconfigure the computer.

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I was using the standard L2TP Windows VPN connection, and the VPN connection is working fine. However, this computer is now on the LAN all the time, and it is backing up successfully. It's just that the server has an un-removable alert that the backup for the old computer name was unsuccessful.

By "reconfiguring the computer" do you mean removing it from the devices list on the server, or something else? 

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