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Upgrading our small office file server


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Just throwing some thoughts out;

16GB of memory for your existing board $50

LSI RAID card $100 RAID10 for data drives and RAID1 for OS

Veeam or Paragon for backup and BMR not dependent on Windows Server for backup

Stay on WHS2011 or move to FreeNAS

Get the OneDrive issue fixed for second back up and remote access to files.


Thanks.  Yes, we somewhat looked into this possibility as well.  I did not know there was other software for BMR, that is interesting.  Definitely something to keep in mind.


I'm not opposed to picking up an LSI raid card and using the existing system hardware wise.  The only thing I don't like about that is that I have to go down there and build the server up on site, where if I build a new setup I can test it in my office and then deploy it when I know its ready.


Either are viable options if I don't have to re-do the host OS.

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In either of these discussions, I've not seen a disaster recovery program mentioned.


We currently have a local backup (in the machine on a separate drive) and an offsite backup that operates over bittorrent sync.  The only thing I'm adding is RAID, plus I'm also going to use the old drives as 'cold' backups, every 6 months or so, that are offline as additional protection against cryptolocker.


Not sure what more you mean than that.

If you are happy with your current RAID set up don't change it.

This is just a list of things I might consider if I was in your shoes.


We don't currently have a RAID setup.  Just the OS on a single drive, and a few additional drives in single mode.

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