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I have used a product for many years called DU meter which sits on my desktop as a real time graph. I would be lost without it. Since 8.1 it crashes about once a week. I would like to try a similar product with a simple graphical interface. Any suggestions?

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Isn't there a problem with multiple computers? What I mean is, if there is more than 1 device on the LAN that's accessing the Internet, how does metering a single computer help; unless, of course, metering that one computer is the goal?


Otherwise, wouldn't a metering product on the gateway router be the best option?


Of course, since you have 4 Internet IPs Poppapete, it could get a bit complicated. :)

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Only using 2 of the 4 ip's I am allowed and only interested in monitoring the one on my main LAN.

Sophos has some good information but not a live graph. Tried PRTG installed on the server but way to detailed for what I want.

Looks like easiest to install a simple program on each client.


I will look at skoondoggy's suggestions!



 His preferred one is DU meter the one I have so !!??

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