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Hi all,


I'm trying to build a server for the first time, first my main aim was to buy Synology 1515+ for NAS but i found out that i cannot install vmware on it.

My aim is:


1- Nas server 5 HDD + 1 SSD for OS

2- Domain server

3- IIS server for my home lab (.NET Developments , Sharepoint, TFS server , tomcat)

4- Able to run Visual studio 2013/2015 ultimate.

5- home media streaming

6- File sharing and backups

7- Since i will use RAID, do you think i should buy RAID controller, or use the built-in one? 


I don't want to spend much money, i just need something in the average level.

I can have one free copy of any windows server from my work, so Essentials is not a must

If possible low power consumption

Please help me with some url to find the right MB, RAM, RAID controller, CPU ... etc

Thank you very much for your support and sorry for my bad english


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Thanks HSS for your reply,


What do you mean by SharePoint binaries?  I'm going to install the server (sharepoint 2013) with SQL server 2012 from scratch (i did this many times)

I can also create a dedicated VM for it (for sure my server in this case should have extra resources)




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Thanks Hss for you reply,

Well, i think we are getting away form my main question and to make things easier (i can have any binaries (bits  :)  ) in other words, i have no issues with software my work will provide what is needed, my main issue is to select the right hardware as i don't have any experience in that.

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For my home lab I used a MSI z97m-g43 motherboard, an Intel G3258 cpu, and 16GB of TEAM RAM. I picked up an inexpensive antec PSU and used a case and hard drives I had sitting around. I was under $300 and I am really pleased with the choice to get more ram and less CPU. Hyper v in server 2012 r2 has been rock solid.

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It would have been good to know that you can get any of the software for free from your employer. People responding the requests for advice will naturally take software costs into account, particularly when the person asking for advice says they "don't want to spend much money".


Since software costs are not a concern, that will make it less expensive to set up a good machine. In general, I would say you want at least 16GB of RAM. I think I would be looking at a Xeon CPU.


I do have a question. Why are you specifying RAID? Is there some particular reason you have to have it, such as you use it at work and want to use the same at home?

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Might want to look at a ml310e v3 with the 1230 v3 proc. it is the big brother to the micro server with support for 32 GB ram. Add a p222 and you can have a 4 drive raid for data not to mention a mirrored array of ssd for various OSboot drives.

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Thank you all for your answers!!



You have a good point, why RAID card? my answer is "I don't know" i'm not hardware specialist, i just watched youtube video with advice of using RAID card than using windows manage raid.


I even have to start look for combine RIAD 10 or 5 with some kind of backup



Drashna Jaelre

As i mentioned, i'm able to get any version however only one copy of the server for example if i selected windows 2012 standard than i have to live withit, i cannot change my mind later.

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