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Bad Memory - 2 red 2 aqua/white Flashes -- Help X510


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HP DataVault x510


Thank you first of all for reading my plight.   The system has been down for over a year and I want to bring it back to life.  I purchased a vga cable to assist me in installing a new OS on the system.  I fired it up with the cable in and got no video.  I had no drives at the time.  I have the pwr and network blue but have a blinking red light.  I depressed the reset button and received two red flashes and two white/aqua flashes.  Looked up the error and of course it said memory.  Coughed up $25 for the pc2 ddr2 800mhz 1600 non ecc.  It arrived and I installed it.  Fired up the unit and it is still not booting up...  Same error, "two red flashes and two white/aqua flashes."  Still no video.  I of course tried it with drive, without drives, with vga and without.  


I have purchased another memory stick hoping the one I purchased was bad (it has happen to me once before)......  Not too many people with this problem so I am stuck.  Any help would be great.  Thank you in advance.

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