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HP Smartarray controller P222 or P410


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Hi Everyone


just trying to check with raid controller will have the best performance for a raid 5 or 10.


P222 or P410 P420?



the other questions is that i noticed this cards are sas drives and we need a cable to connect this to sata drives. Can anyone post a link of witch cable i need to get  ?




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The P222 is supported by iLO and officially supported by HP for the Gen8 Microserver. It has 1x SFF-8087 port inside and 1x SFF-8088 port outside. It comes with 512MB FBWC but can't supported Smart Cache.

The P410 isn't supported by iLO and can't be monitored by iLO at all. Apparently it does work in the Gen8 Microserver though.

The P420 is supported by iLO but not officially supported by HP for the Gen8 Microserver. It has 2x SFF-8087 ports inside and nothing outside. It comes with 512MB, 1024MB or 2048MB FBWC and can support Smart Cache if you buy the license.


The P420 has higher performance than the P222 and P410 but you probably won't notice the difference in the Microserver since it only has 4 drive bays. I personally bought the P222 as I wanted an external port.


The cable you need is already part of the Microserver. It comes out the back of the drive cage and connects to the SFF-8087 port on the card.

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So you believe that the P222 is the best option although it doesn't have smart cache on it.

SmartCache is a feature where the RAID card will cache frequently accessed data on a SSD you also attach to the system. It isn't supported in the P222 and needs more than 512MB FBWC. It is a paid license anyway. For the majority of users, it isn't a necessary feature as it is intended for high read workloads with a requirement for very low latency e.g. large databases.


Whatever card you order, make sure it comes with the necessary low profile bracket. The slot in the microserver is much shorter than a normal PCIe card and requires a shorter bracket to fit. If you're buying it brand new in unopened HP packaging then it should come with the bracket but if it is a pull from another server then it may not be provided.


Also, if a card is significantly cheaper than other cards then you need to check whether you get the FBWC module. If it isn't there then you'll need to buy one from eBay or somebody else. It may be cheaper to buy the bare card and then find a cheap FBWC module from somebody who has upgraded their card. I'm not sure if the 1GB and 2GB modules will work with the P222.

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