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Gen8 micro server max hd capacity


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I was wondering if anyone knows what is the max capacity of gen8


I.e. Can I add new 6tb drives to get total of 24 tb?

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If the OS and storage controller supports > 2TB drives then it should be fine for any size drive unless they radically change the interface. The change in protocol was at the 2TB point and the next limit is 4YB.


The specific issue goes back to the original SCSI standard. The controller sent commands to the device using a Command Descriptor Block which had a 4 byte block number field inside it. 4 bytes is a maximum of 4294967296 and with 512 byte sectors, that means you can only address up to precisely 2TB. 2TB was a huge amount of storage back then but they had the foresight to define an extension which allowed for 8 byte block numbers. The problem with modern controllers was that they didn't support this extension so were stuck with 2TB limits and as most of them had implemented the protocol in hardware, it meant you had to get a new controller.


I've got an old HP P400 RAID card here that doesn't support the larger block number field so installing > 2TB drives is pointless.

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As GotNoTime alluded to, the next barrier point with drive sizes is a long way off. I actually posted the number in another thread. It's got a lot of zeroes in it. Put it this way, I doubt any of us will have to worry about the next barrier in our lifetimes.

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Thanks guys , that's awesome !


I was thinking of buying Synology 2-bay for home as but now with proliant is so much better

- can support high capacity disk

- link aggregation with theoretical 2gbps with limit on hdd speed

- choice of os , centos and Debian

- ability to install other services , I.e. Open media vault , ssh , Vpn

- no proprietary lockin , can just do backup anyway I want, awesome!

- same form factor as other 4bay consumer nas


I am ordering one in couple of days

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