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I finally got fed up with the limitations of my consumer Intel mobo so I've ordered the following:


Supermicro  X8DT6-F

(2) Intel L5630 CPU*

(2) SNK-P0040AP4 HSF


I already have an Intel RS2WC080, the 48GB of non-ECC memory (to start with, I will slowly buy ECC until I have at least 64GB), server rackmount case, (12) 3TB NAS drives (I may need to use some of these for another project).  


Anyway I was hoping someone had experience with this motherboard and any virtualization (I'm going to play around to see what I end up liking.  Any input would be appreciated.  The last of the items just shipped so hopefully by next week I'll have everything in place and will strat bulding.


(*) I had wanted the L5640 but the WAF got in the way of my budget, especially since I got the 30's for a steal.

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