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Marvell 9230 Firmware Updates and such


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I dont use an ssd on the marvell

but people have been saying trim works fine


thanks for the firmware where did you get it?


I just bought some dedicated PCIe card with 88SE9230 at Amazon.

The cards were shipped with the firmware, so I dumped it before testing the other version  :)


No way for me to have the TRIM function working correctly with driver >

By the way, I'm using the card and the driver with Windows Server 2008r2 (x64), maybe the TRIM with driver > is only working on Win7 (x64)

I could test it on Win7x64, but I'm pretty sure the driver layer is the same.

Maybe the TRIM problem is only visible with PCI card and SATA driver attached on it ?



As you have the lastest Marvell Driver, could you try again trimcheck and confirm TRIM is working on your OS with marvell chip on your motherboard ?



I have looked through the code for the firmware = Oct 15 2014 Marvell (2.5Gbps x2) (Asrock Disabled the hardware raid on on this firmware btw) (for some reason it still runs at 5.0Gbps x2 on Asrock Boards see image)



Very interesting !

So the firmware version available from AsRock is less complete than the 2.3.1058 I dumped on the dedicated PCI card.

Anyway I can confirm that it doesn't run at 5.0Gbps x 2 on the PCI card. (as reported by MSU)

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Ok nice thats a SI-PEX40057 which is a SI-PEX40058

just with the internal ports soldered to instead of the esata ports


I already knew that is was a full spi dump just wanted to check where it came from


So is 100% the same firmware mine would have had if it was made on the same day as yours

This is exactly why i made this thread


In the hope that when syba/iocrest push new firmware to the cards at the factory

people will dump it for others


Lets hope someone does the same with newer versions

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with regards to trim


The only SSD on the system with the Marvell 9230 is on the intel Pch

so there's no way i can test trim on the Marvell 9230


Here's where someone tested trim with the drivers and he said it worked



Its £37.55 (52 Euro's) at amazon.co.uk btw..


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Hi been following this thread and just registered


is there a 1058 version for A0 rev


tried renaming the A1 ended up with none posting pc how ever resetting bios and booting from usb i managed to flash previous version back again

i noticed when flashing it said imageA1 it has always said that but boot screen blue one always says A0


but there is now a difference in firmware my card is highpoint rocket 640L


thanks for any info

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No sorry we dumped our own cards and they where both A1

1055 is the latest where there's an A0 firmware

not counting 1063 ofc as that firmware's broken


by the sound of it go.bat erased the card and didnt

program a new image due to file name problems


thats why i always manually program it like so

if your firmware is named ORIG.BIN just type


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hi yes i forced an a1 image on to a0 board but didn't boot managed to re flash back


oh well no more updates for me then


I've got 2 cards but can only see one was hoping firmware would fix it but if new images are going to be A1 only seems

its going to happen

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with regards to trim


Here's where someone tested trim with the drivers and he said it worked



Hello Shonk.

Unfortunatly, if you read the next post of 100PIER, you will see that in fact the TRIM is no more working after reboot.

So for me, the latest driver version with full trim support is still the  :)





I have done the TRIM test just after updating from V to V

You can see drivercontrollerinfo screenshot reported well the new version.

However, after restarted few minutes ago the PC, I do again the TRIMCHECK tests and the TRIM seems no longer working....

I don't really understand why.

So, may be we have to come back to V to be sure TRIM is functional in any case.

What do you think about ?

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i have replaced my 2 highpoint cards rev a0 with the ones above the a1 ver


still can not get both to show in my machine only one gives ctrl m other is not there nor listed in device manager can any one help

mother board is gigabyte z77x-up5 th


yet they work fine in a z97x -up7 th


thanks for any help

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  • 1 month later...

Hello Shonk.


I work a lot those days to have the best driver & firmware of my Marvell 9230 sata PCIe 2x card,

Here are my files :)

  1. Driver - because it's the last with TRIM support (controlled with Trimcheck 0.7)
  2. Firmware - A1 chip only - because it's the last with PCIe 2x support (5.0Gbps - controlled with MSU)
  3. MSU - lastest available.

Newer Marvell Drivers give one extra boost to Read & Write Sequential access, but lack of TRIM is a no go in long term performance !

I tested the following drivers:

  • Previous Drivers - Doesn't work with the 9230
  • Driver - (trim OK)
  • Driver - (trim OK)
  • Driver - (no trim)
  • Driver - (no trim)
  • Driver - (no trim)
  • Driver - (no trim)
  • Firmware - (PCIe2x OK)
  • Firmware - (no PCIe2x)

Let's hope a few people will find this post usefull  :)


My best config:



Hi sir,


I use 9230 controller on Syba SD-PEX40054 card rev A0. I've downloaded your firmware but I need the imageA0.bin. Could you update your link or bring me this file please? I'd like to try this image cause I'm currently using only under 2.5 x2 speed. I hope to raise 5.0Gbps with your version. By advance, thanks.

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