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New version of Home Server SMART Classic! (and HSS 2015 too)


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OK y'all, about a year and a half ago, I announced I was all but abandoning Home Server SMART Classic, Home Server SMART 2013 and WindowSMART, turning them over to the open source community. My hope was that folks in the open source community would go hog-wild and it would allow me to spend more time with my family.


Unfortunately the response from the open source community has been underwhelming. I might even employ the oxymoron that there was thunderous silence. In a year and a half's time, I got only three inquiries, and only one was even remotely serious. Which meant that these applications, into which I invested so much heart and soul, were going to die on the vine. I couldn't let that happen.


So a few months ago, I withdrew them from open source and resumed development. Not wishing to take time from my family, development has been very slow, but I've been doing a little here, a little there.


At long last, I am ready to present to you beta versions of


* Home Server SMART Classic

* Home Server SMART 2015

* WindowSMART 2015


If you're still running WHS v1, then Home Server SMART Classic is what you want. It's the add-in folks have come to love in the five years of its existence. If you're running WHS 2011 (or its business companion products) or Server 2012 Essentials (including R2), then Home Server SMART 2015 is where it's at. And since I made a promise that HSS was and always would be free, they are still free. No advertising or pop-ups. Just a small link in the applications to make a donation if you'd like (of course, donations are always welcome). :)


With HSS, I've also updated the shareware version, WindowSMART 2015. If you bought a license for WindowSMART in the past, this is a free update.


Please do bear in mind these are BETA versions. They are mainly bug fixes. Quite a few folks reported issues with question marks being reported for drives; hopefully this update resolves those problems for you. One big change you'll notice is I took out the Boxcar functionality. A couple years ago, Boxcar was bought by another company and last summer they abandoned the old Boxcar platform and came out with something completely different. So I removed Boxcar since it no longer functioned. You can still use Pushover (iOS/Android), Prowl (iOS), NMA (Android) and Toasty (Windows Phone).


I may make changes to the beta builds rapidly, so I put them out on a shared OneDrive. You can get them here - https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1089272FF1A69B28!3184&authkey=!AB_8uT5ZYa4j7CI&ithint=folder%2cmsi


Current version of all builds is v3.3.4.7 (4/7/2015).


Please provide your feedback! *ESPECIALLY* if something that was working in an earlier build gets broken. If you upgrade and something stops working, please try rebooting first before making a bug report. Sometimes the old DLLs don't get unloaded from memory until a reboot is performed.


The files are:


HomeServerSMART2013.wssx -- installs HSS 2015 (yes the installer name shows 2013) on WHS 2011, Server 2008 R2 Essentials, 2012 Essentials, 2012 R2 Essentials

InstallHomeServerSMART.msi --- installs Home Server SMART Classic on WHS v1

WindowSMARTInstaller_x64.msi --- 64-bit installation of WindowSMART 2015

WindowSMARTInstaller_x86.msi --- 32-bit installation of WindowSMART 2015


You'll also see two "lightweight" versions of WindowSMART. You can probably ignore these. These are intended for business customers who deploy WindowSMART to embedded systems like POS terminals and cash registers, and use Microsoft System Center to monitor the alerts raised by WindowSMART.

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I'm sorry the Open Source Community didn't pick up on your product. I think it's very generous of you to take up the mantle again.

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You don't have to apologize. I was bummed, and I supposed I could've just let it go. But I wasn't willing to do that. Maybe this time around I just need to be smarter with my time and not let it become an all-consuming endeavour. I am quite pleased that the current production builds have worked as well as they have. Very few end-user complaints have come in. Most of those have been from folks with high-end RAID controllers which don't expose public APIs.


Of course there has been a fair share of bugs too. The list got sufficiently long that I decided it was time to tackle it.


Anyhow, I've got build v3.3.4.8 available out on the OneDrive link now. I'm calling this a release candidate build. If all goes well, this may very well be the next production release. :)



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Maybe this time around I just need to be smarter with my time and not let it become an all-consuming endeavour. 

Oh man, Time Management is probably the number one hardest skill to master. 



As for the RAID controllers, I totally sympathize. HighPoint is awful. So is Acena (sp?). Just ... ugh.

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Might this be a good place to inquire about WindowSMART Home Server 2015? My installation of it is experiencing a showstopping bug, unfortunately. My research hasn't indicated any troubleshooting steps beyond the typical chkdsk, sfc, and dsim repairs, which my PC reports as clean, and reinstalling. Are there any additional steps I might take to troubleshoot this useful application?

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I have successfully resolved the bug! After reasoning that there was nothing wrong on the program's side, since the error logs report it is installed correctly (and it is working on my two other machines), I concluded it was an OS problem. I began to notice some increasingly erratic behavior from Windows, and, after plenty of backing up, performed an in-place upgrade. This replaced all of the OS's files, keeping everything else intact. Afterwards, WindowSMART continued to function like a well oiled machine. I am glad to have this software working again, and am happy Mr. Sawyer created it.

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so how is this different from acronis drive monitor for example? and is smart monitoring sufficient compared to actual scanning like stablebit scanner?

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I find that it is superior to Acronis Drive Monitor. I have not used StableBit Scanner, personally. My reasons for preferring it over Acronis' solution are as such:

  • Further detail into drive health
  • More flexibility in designing alarms
  • Slightly lighter in terms of resources used (RAM, HD, etc.)
  • I find its interface to be more intuitive (personal opinion)

I use WindowSMART on my 2012 R2 DataCenter server, my W10 laptop, and my Win10 Pro desktop.
My preliminary research indicates that the predominant difference between WindowSMART and StableBit Scanner, is that the latter can schedule surface scans. I have heard good things about it from various datahoarding sites I frequent.

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I realy liked this tool in WHS v1, and are very happy it is now on Windows Server 2012 R2 also.

I have some issues thought that it does not recognize my WD green disks, while the hardware did not change from my WHS v1 installation.

Also my crucial M550 128Gb OS disks shows a degraded warning because of the 16 bad block. This is a factory problem with these disks, while they are deliverd with this number.


But in the settings of HSS 2105 under the SSD tab you can not set the threshold higher than 65535 sectors, while I think it should be 'blocks'. 16384 is 1 block. So 16 is already 262144 sectors.


p.s. I'm also not able to send a bug report, because of an .Net error. See screenshot.


dojo hss 2015 bug report ssd sector threshold.JPG

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