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Tether iphone connection with DSM?


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Since this is a Gen 8 Microserver sub-forum, I would assume that you're using XPEnology to run DSM on the G8?


Simplest I can think of is to attach a "supported" WiFi dongle on your DSM and connect it to your phone through its WiFi hotspot feature.


I haven't tried this and since this is not an official DSM hardware, I don't know if any run of the mill WiFi dongle will work (hence the quotes).



I tried two generic Wireless-N USB dongles just now on a G7 N40L XPEnology/DSM hack that I built. No dice. :( Even with either dongles inserted, in Control Panel>Connectivity>Wireless>Wi-Fi tab, it still says "Please insert a USB Wi-Fi adapter". Either a supported dongle exists, or the XPEnology wizards still needs to work on a proper driver.


The less elegant way is to connect a LAN cable from the DSM to an extra Access Point or Wireless Router that's configured as a WiFi Client. In Client mode, it should be able to connect to your iPhone's hotspot network.

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