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RAM - 8GB + 2gb - Will it work?


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Very new to servers. I purchased 8gb (one stick) of ram for my gen8 microserver. 

Is it possible to add the 2gb ram that came with the server for a total of 10GB of ram?




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It will work but be in single channel mode. For best performance ram should be installed in matching sets

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I'm curious what the impact of single channel mode would be. From what I've read, it isn't noticeable in real-world usage. Is there more to this?


I'd imagine many of us who upgrade from the standard 2gb (G1610T owners) would ask this question of 4+2 or 8+2. If it's not detrimental, then maybe we go with unmatched sets.


Is the theoretical perfect much different to the real-world achieveable?

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