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Anyone know of a Synology refurbisher?


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My DS412+ went AWOL recently. It 'lost' my RAID5 configuration, the problem seemingly being a burnt out component somewhere on the motherboard. Discussion with Synology support (one incredibly patronising little sh*t and another who was clueless) failed to get anything working again and led to their confirming my motherboard diagnosis. The unit was 8 months past the 2-year warranty window so no chance of a free replacement.


My question then is whether there is someone known to the forum who refurbs? Or anyone wanting to undertake a repair job on a cheaply-acquired used unit? ;)


I could then look to recoup some of my expenses incurred in sourcing a replacement NAS/microserver and new hard drives.


That was my 3rd Synology since 2004. Since the size of hard drives and the SHR/RAID5 setup was so difficult to recover from - add into the mix a suspect WD Red drive meaning the recovery was on an incomplete array set - that I've decided to turn my back on Synology now. I've built a HP Gen8 and everything is in easily readable NTFS with secondary backups. I think the days of proprietary storage are over for me.


Any ideas welcomed on what to do with my spent machine.





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