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H55 WHS Drivers

Canned Heat

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Hi Guys,


? on Drivers

I am using a H55 Chipset and I belive I will have no issues with the intel inf with WHS V1,(All OS)

I also have a intel gb nic card, that supports WS 2003, so I dont belive there will be an issue there,

The real ? is : should I install the intel HD Graphics driver (XP Version) on WHS?

Do I need to intall this driver? will it take more cpu cycles without it?

Is it stable enough to use with WHS V1? (Blue Screens?)

The rig will become an Headless server after first install, and I dont belive I can turn the video off in bios, is it worth having? can I see a desktop without it?


Thanks so much guys, just thinking ahead on the new WHS build. :rolleyes:

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You will need to install the chipset drivers for WHS but are not required to use the graphics drivers. If you do not use the graphic drivers you may not be able to use sleep mode (which I do use or recommend). The drivers will not give you BSOD I just do not use them as I do not need them.

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Thanks for your help PCDoc,


Love your setups too by the way,

will leave the Video driver out, with the install,

Am I right in saying that you DONT Recommend the sleep mode?


Edited by Canned Heat
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Not on WHS. Sleep is OK on HTPC or other but my preference is to stay aways from the WHS.

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