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Boot Trouble


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Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help?


I have had my Gen8 Microserver running for the past couple of weeks, no problem at all, all the advice on here has helped me a treat.


Today, however, I powered down my server so I could hook it up to my new UPS and now it is not booting up.


I get a message once it tries to load the OS stating that ".....winload.exe" could not be found.


I am booting from the MicroSD card into my SSD with Windows Server 2012 R2 on it.


The instructions for the MicroSD boot I got from here:




I have now tried to remake the boot disk in case it was corrupt but the winload message keeps coming up.


The Windows Server 2012 R2 I am using is a 180 day trial version direct from Microsoft. It is an image and I mounted it for install.


Will putting this on to a DVD and "repairing" the install work?


Any help is much appreciated.



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That's a critical boot file. Without it... that's really bad.


If youre booting from a SD card, well, that's not really supported by Windows, and may be the cause of the issue here.


If you have the boot partition on the SSD, try booting from taht.

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It's been working like this for a fortnight with no issues whatsoever. I have shut it down before.


The MicroSD is thought of as a USB drive as is stated in the link with the instructions by TheBiggerMan.


I'm thinking the MicroSD became corrupt. Have made a new one but it's not working.

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So, I removed my HDDs and the MicroSD card and booted into the OS. I then put a new USB drive into the internal slot and made a bootdisk  with this using the previous instructions by TheBiggerMan.


With fingers crossed I shut down the server, replaced the HDDs and powered it up and Wahoo! I'm back in as I was before.


The MicroSD slot appears to not be working anymore, haven't a clue why, but as the internal USB is working and I'm back in I'm not that bothered.


The only updates I have done are Windows updates, everything else was up to date as per the Guides on the Gen8 links page.


Thanks for the input guys.



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