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Huge data backup


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Hopefully this has been covered before, but I can't find it.


WHS has a good data redundancy system, but that doesn't help if my house burns down or something like that.


So I'm curious how people are doing a REAL backup of their data.


I have about 4 TB of data (all photos) that I want to backup offsite.


All the commercial services would charge a monthly fortune for that amount of data, so I have to do it myself somehow.


I'm thinking an initial local backup between 2 WHS systems, move one of the systems to someone else's house, and then some form of mirroring over our mutual internet connections to keep things up to date.


Anybody done this and actually have it working?



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I'm starting to think that might be the answer, but it could get expensive and I don't have a friend to try it with. The other person has to be someone you can trust.

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I have the same issue. I have over 5TB of pictures, movies, music, etc... I only back up pictures, music, software, and docs.(stuff I can not replace) I have the original copies of the movies as a backup. I currently two usb HD's(2TB). I keep last weeks backup at my parents house when I am backing up this week. I use to use Elephant drive to backup online. The online back up took too long and was too costly. I am planning on getting a safe deposit box and another usb HD for the monthly off site backups. Hope this helps you in your search for an off site backup solution.

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Crashplan seems interesting, but it looks like it is not really certified for WHS. There are workarounds, but they are rather worrisome and convoluted.


Moving drives back and forth between locations, and having to manually trigger backups to me really means no backup. It is too hard to do for an individual, too cumbersome and too easy to forget.


Some kind of SyncToy implementation would be great, where the drive mirroring is done initially, and then it just keeps up, but over a long distance. No user intervention, no interaction, except for success and failure notifications. In other words, WHS, but for other WHS, and working over the Internet.


It's somewhat surprising that there isn't some tool offered by Microsoft that does exactly this function, since there really isn't any practical way to back anything over 2TB, and most WHS systems typically have much more.

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Crashplan, even though not yet certified, would be my recommendation. I stuck an external HD on my parent's computer that I backup to for my off-site backup. They don't need to do anything once you install it, it just runs in the background.

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After a 6 month leave, I have been working a bunch with Wuala again. All this talk of CrashPlan has made me want to take a second look at that too!


I set up 3 PCs (my main box, the PC we use for the show's broadcasting and my Powerbook G4 Mac - I normally leave these boxes running 24/7 anyway) with the installed Wuala client and opened 100 GB of shared storage to all of them. That started me with 10GB of FREE cloud storage on Wuala servers and it is growing by a GB or two every day. My hope is that in a month or two, it will be near that 300GB mark that I need to back up all my important stuff. As it grows, I sync another one of my homeserver folders.


BTW, using the broadcast PC to do the Wuala sync, not the homeserver. Since Wuala can sync with network drives, there are no mapping issues there.


Because of the nature of the Wuala software, I uninstalled the software completely from the WHS. Wish LaCie would just make an add-in for WHS (do you hear that Mike?)


So far so good. I am syncing my 10GB photos folder now and it's taking a couple days, but it's getting done.



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Thanks Ron. I am currently testing the ASUS offering on my WHS as we speak. 1 GB for free to try it.


So if purchase the unlimited subscription, I can use that account on my WHS? How much space are you using?

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I currently use DropBox to backup my User Shares, but I don't have anything in place yet for pictures. After reading about Wuala I think I'll look into it for all the pictures of my kids.

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