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Hi all,


Is there anyone running SmartOS or another IllumOS based OS on their Microserver Gen 8?


What I'm aiming for is to run ZFS on my host for my NAS drives (yet to acquire), and then have some guests running as well. Would I be able to get away with this using the Microserver Gen8 with 16 GB RAM?  I'd probably be running at most 3-4 VMs.


I was going to go with FreeNAS, but saw some of the IllumOS based operating systems out there, and wasn't sure what the requirements would be for ZFS.  Initially I was going to try Proxmox, but am a bit wary of ZFS on Linux.. Although I could go for mdadm, I suppose.  Performance isn't a huge issue.  I'd just like to run 3 drives initially with some form of redundancy and possibly snapshotting.  Maybe even have my SSD in the ODD bay for all my VM storage and snapshotting there too, if possible.  If I added a fourth drive into the Microserver, I can live with not adding it to the existing 3 drive pool.


I've done a little bit of reading, but all I can see are issues with SmartOS not working with the Broadcom NICs.  I did see a post suggesting they work, but not on gigabit ethernet.  Is this still an issue?  Is anyone running SmartOS or similar for a setup that is similar to what I'm aiming for?


I've been jumping around deciding what hypervisor to go for, and I'm still unsure.  I was running ESXi, but wasn't too keen on the idea of having to fork out around $700+ on a Xeon, storage controller I can pass through, etc.  I also don't like being tied down to vSphere Client on Windows, or having to fork out for licensing to run vCenter and chew up more resources just to have a web client.


So, I've decided I'd like to have a minimal host OS for my NAS in RAIDZ or similar whilst still having the ability to spin up a couple of VMs, but I'm still having difficulty deciding.



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Depending on what kind of VMs you are using, you may be able to do FreeNAS plus a virtualbox plugin jail.


Another option would be to do ZoL using your favorite distro and kvm as your hypervisor.

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