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Cloud BackUp Options in 2015


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i have a HP N54L running WHS 2011, and it does what it needs to do for our family.  I have been using Carbonite for years (back on the old HP Mediasmart also).  Recently, they have been sending me nasty emails saying that I need to upgrade to their business model for WHS 2011.


Crashplan seems to no longer support WHS 2011:  


  • Server 2003/2008/2012 (excludes Windows Server Essentials, Windows Small Business Server, and Windows Home Server)


I just want to back up my Music/Documents/Photos/Home Videos.  I could care less about my ripped DVDs to PLEX (It would be a pain, but I could re rip).

It's close to 1 terabyte of data combined.


Are there any reasonable options that are easy to implement?  That don't cost an arm and a leg? (I consider $10 a month to be reasonable).


Cloudberry no longer offers a WHS 2011 option either as far as I can tell.

Would creating a "Dropbox Busiess account: for $15 a month be the way to go?  Would I configure it differently?


More details on my configuration with Drivebender:


HP N54L with WHS2011 with all 4 bays used with drives.  The WHS2011 lives on the original 250 GB drive that came with the machine OS Drive C

I have two 1TB drives in the HP that I want to "swap" / "exchange" for two 3TB drives.  An external WD passport supplies an additional 2 TB to the Pool.  I have a local backup drive also at 2 TB.


I have a weird setup, way back in 2013, I migrated from a HP mediasmart to the N54L, and I needed to retain the carbonite back up to my data drive "D"  So I created a data drive "D" which lives on a 1.5 TB Drive of its own and then a WHS Pool "W"


My Pool Drive holds the server folders, movies, music, documents, photos, etc.  Only the Photos and Documents get backed up to Data D using sync toy which then carbonite uses to back up to the cloud.  So data travels like this:


Desktop PC synctoy to WHS Pool W, then WHS Pool W synctoy to Data D, then Data D to cloud via Carbonite


Any Advice is appreciated.

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Well, first of all, you have your own "Cloud Backup", it's called Home Server.  There have been several instances lately of these initially free cloud storage companies going belly up.  I would determine what you absolutley could not afford to lose which is different for everyone.


You could copy those files on a regular basis to removable media and move them to an offsite location.  For me, the servers are in the garage and the IMPORTANT data is backed up nightly to a Synology box on the other end of the house.  If fire strikes, I can grab either.  Those files are then exported to a portable hard drive which gets rotated out to work every couple of days.


I can always get to the Essentials server so if I really need to share a file that is non-family related I create a One Drive share and copy it there.  I don't really need or want to foot with an online backup solution.

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Thanks, but I live on the gulf coast and would like an online back up.  We recently had a bad thunderstorm, and despite having a while house surge protector, I lost an AV receiver and a Squeezebox due to a brown out.  If we have that again, and if worse, I'd loose whatever was hooked up to the home power grid.  (Already have APS and surge protectors everywhere).


I don't have the discipline to carry a drive to work and back.


I guess one option would be to have an old computer + USB drive at work somehow mirror the server folders from home, but not sure how to set that up.  I have a old Win 7 Basic netbook that my daughter no longer uses.


I guess I would have to figure out a VPN or something.

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Your computer likely survived because it's on a UPS instead of just a surge protector.


If you truly need online backup why not look at OneDrive? I don't know how much it would cost for a terabyte of space, but it might be worth it.

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You can buy office 365 for $6.99/per month and it comes with Unlimited OneDrive. The only problem on how do you back up data to OneDrive. I'm looking into iDrive and Crashplan, but there are some limitations on each.

1.iDrive is only 1tb vs Crashplan has Unlimited storage. Both for 59.99 a year.

2.iDrive can run without logged in user, but I'm not sure about Crashplan.

3.iDrive can be mapped, but Crashplan can't.


Anybody else has an opinion?



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I use Acronis True Image 2015 Unlimited. I have 1 TB of data stored in the cloud. Actually, it's mine, my wife, my nephew and my father's data. I have six licenses. Licenses are per computer. License is for one year. I caught 3 user version on sale for $60 so I bought two. Here's a link to Acronis http://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/unlimited-backup/

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