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What is ILO4?


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Its just a key btw there's no call home to check the key is valid


e.g. you can use the same key on 10 microservers..



they may or may not blacklist keys

but i have been using a key from the net for the last year just fine..



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LMAO.  I love the black dots. It's as if you took some of those paper dots from Staples, stuck them on the screen, then took a photo. :D


I know, I know, how did I figure out what you did? ;)

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I am interested also to buy an iLO license.


What is the difference of iLO 2,3,4 Versions? Does iLO Advance license is common for all iLO H/W versions. i own a HP MicroSercer Gen8.



Also i cannot find it on eBay. It appears as ENDED :-(

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