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Xenserver 6.5 + N54L - Possible to pass-through SATA ports to VM?


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I have done some extensive digging about this topic and have gotten some mixed info...  I wanted to see if anyone might be able to give me a more definitive answer.


I started out trying to do this in Xenserver 6.5 and had some issues making this a reality, so looking through a few forum posts people were saying that the functions of PCI pass-through would not work on the N54L because it doesn't support IOMMU.


I then dug a little deeper and noticed that Joe Minor was able to do SATA pass-through on a N40L/N54L with Hyper-V.  This sparked my interest so I PM'ed him and he said he was in fact able to do this since SATA passthrough is a function of VT-x and not VT-d(IOMMU).....  Thus not needed at least in Hyper-V.



I was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me as it applies to Xenserver.


Thanks in advance.



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