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run a Windows 8-based virtual machine in Windows Server 2008 R2


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I hope this is the right subforum for my question.


I googled a lot for finding an answer for my question (see topic).


I found this page but maybe due to my bad English skills I am not really sure if I can run Win8(.1) or even WS 2012 in a VM on WS2008R2?



Does anybody have experience with this configuration?


Thanks for sharing.

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There should be absolutely no issues running newer OS's in an older version of HyperV.


As long as the host is up to date, you shouldn't experience any issues. That link indicates a bug that was found, and has been patched. So if you've installed all available updates, there shouldn't be an issue.

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Hi Drashna Jaelre,


I give it a try and it is working like a charm. Thanks


This would mean i can run a WS2012 Essential as a VM under my Hyper-V.

I will try the evaluation Version to check if it fit my needs and could replace my WHS2011

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I'm glad to hear it. :)


And yes, it does. :)


And as for Essentials, make sure you grab the 2012R2 version. 

And either version of Essentials is heavily based on the WHS2011 code. So you should feel right at home.

The main difference (other than OS) is that the connector installer joins the clients to the domain.

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