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What is the best free OS for gen 8


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What Linux os will not give me problems with the b120i controller and will install out of the box?



Except with linux supported by HP, go to BIOS (F9 after POST sequence)  and put the SATA controller into AHCI mode.

Then, never any problem with any Linux or BSD distribution.

In fact, that's mean you MUST do SOFT RAID if you want a RAIDx method.

And of course, that's mean you must learn Linux ...


If you don't need a RAIDx File system, with AHCI mode and, for example, MINT or UBUNTU, it's out-of-box.

But thoses Linux are not oriented to provide a server service, there are end user OS.

Ubuntu exist in server version, out-of-the-box, but if you are not familiar with Linux, I think it's not a good idea to start to learn with a server flavor.


Out-of-the-box as a NAS, you can try OpenMediaVault, with graphical frond-end, even for RAIDx subjects. OpenMediaVault is based on Debian, one of the major distribution of Linux.


OpenMediaVault just need a USBKey to be installed and launched, it's easy and cheap.

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Depends on your needs


Ubuntu Server is quite convenient and there are loads of guides. If you want to dip into virtualization without the hypervisor penalty, Ubuntu has lxc, which is very easy to get into - lxc.aa_profile=unconfined is your friend while getting into it !!Beware don't do that on a public server!!


Also there is docker.io, trending more into RHEL, Fedora Atomic, but also on ubuntu/debian.


SmartOS with LX-branded zoned is great, but there is a learning curve and I didn't see the DB-on-zfs performance I was used to. They are implementing docker as well.

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