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Schoondoggy Stacking Brackets


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These will be great for ssd's but for normal hd's it may be better to have 2mm of spacing


9mm drive 2mm space 9mm drive etc..

Good point!

I did leave a gap, but I had to keep it small to fit on the bracket.

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Umm its got me thinking i should move the seagate slim inside now

god damn it, its 7mm but 7200rpm..


I think 10 drives may be pushing it


umm decisions decisions








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So if I've got 2x 9.5mm wd reds on the SDM right now, and I've got 2x 7mm OCZ SSDs, I want the 7mm brackets or the 9.5mm brackets?

If you want all four drives on the SDM you need a 9.5MM kit and a 7MM kit.

In my pictures above the WD slim drives are 7MM and the Patriot SSD's are 9.5MM

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