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Quick array question


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Given that not all of the bays are 6Gb/s could I build an array with a pair of 840 Pro's to boot from in the slower 3Gb/s ports and then a pair of Seagate 4Tb's in the 6Gb/s bays to improve disk performance, presuming that my VM's are being slow because the existing array is being crippled by being part on the 3Gb/s and part on the 6Gb/s....


My other option is to stop using the B120 and get a different controller, but that in itself means stopping using an extra LAN card as currently I have iLO, Team1 adapter 1 and Team2 adapter 1 directly into my router and then T1#2 and T2#" into a switch...


I want best disk performance and I feel I'm missing a trick somewhere and am only using about 5tb of disk space currently so think there could be a better way to setup, perhaps 2 drives in the 6Gb/s as 1 array then the other 4tb drive on the slower ports..


Setup is.



16Gb RAM

1x 840 as boot drive in bay 1

3x 4tb Seagate ST4000NV000 in the other bays

Intel Pro1000 Dual Port NIC

WD 3Tb U3 External



I have a spare (being used as a scratch disk in my main rig) 840 drive that could be used..



I've got enough time over the weekend and will probably end up with Host OS, then 2012r2 Essentials VM, Torrent VM and Plex VM rather than 2012r2 Essentials + Hyper-V Role then the torrent and plex vm's but figured there might be something I havent concidered..

Then theres the Drivepool vs Storage Spaces NTFS/ReFS performance thing as well...

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Sustained transfer rate on the Seagate 4Tb drives is less than 3Gb/s. Transfer rate from the cache on the drive could hit 6Gb/s.

Your SSD's could take advantage of the 6Gb/s ports.

What kind of array did you create RAID0 or RAID1?

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No array as of yet, still running on AHCI mode with the disks being pooled by DrivePool.

You thinking RAID mode on the 120, the SSD's in the 6GB/s ports as boot then 2 of the Seagates on the 3Gb/s and use storage pools via the Host OS?


Got more questions in here than just an array one tbh looking at more of a general setup thing now..

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Here's some possibility:


AHCI set in BIOS

Port 1 - SSD OS Drive

Port 2 - SSD VM Drive

Port 3 - ST4000NV000 Data Drive

Port 4 - ST4000NV000 Data Drive

USB 3.0 Port - External Case with ST4000NV000 Data Drive or Backup Drive

USB 3.0 Port - Spare

USB 2.0 Port - Spare


Here's another possibility (one of many with B120i turned on) -- with RAID0 this is risky so you must have a GOOD backup procedure in place IMO


B120i set on in BIOS

Port 1 & Port 2 with SSD's in RAID0 split into 2 logical drives - the 1st logical drive is the OS drive and the 2nd logical drive is the VM drive

Port 3 & Port 4 with ST4000NV000 data drives in RAID1 and is 1 logical drive

USB 3.0 Port - 3TB Backup Drive

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Been running some test's on the drives using HD Tune, having taken 2 disks out of the "DrivePool" and started to move things to those drives to empty to pool ready for my reinstall, the 4Tb drives dont seem to care if they are on 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s ports, however, have any of you guys ever tried to run speed tests on the Covecube array that appears?



oh lol, that is all I am saying....

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