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Centos 7 as master OS on Microserver G8. FAQ.


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If you set all your Disks to individual raid 0 perfomance is fine. Both read and write. it just sucks if your use raid 1 or raid 5 etc...

what i did was installed centos 7.3 on and ssd set all my 3 HDD's to raid 0 (single disk) and then created the raids within linux with mdadm 

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Bad news:

Looks like no HPVSA driver for Centos v8. For now and for forever.


Good news:

1. Difference between G8 and G10 not so great, if cheap upgrade possible

2. HP P222 and HP P420 are very, very cheap. At aftermarket it can be bought for 5000₽-7000₽. With 2GB FBWC.

Both pieces of iron are good, no significant difference in MICRO server, better look for connectors placement (2 internal or internal and external). You can direct connect 4 SATA in each. (may by you need additional MicroSAS (8087) -> 4 SATA cable, about 500₽)


Migration is:

1. Unplug power

2. Install P420 in the bay

3. Discoinnect SFF from internal b120i and connect to 1st (UPPER) connector.

If you have popular configuration (System SSD connected to DVD socket and 4 HDD for data), connect system SSD to 2nd SFF (you need additional cable)

4. Connect power and boot to BIOS setup. Change boot controllers order. P420 1st, B120i - 2nd.

Do not disable B120 right now! Do not switch it to SATA now!

5. Start boot. P420 should auto-detect and accept you volumes. Press F8 to select boot volume.

Boot-up and check all around. 

6. If Ok, perform in Linux:

sudo rpm -ql | grep vsa

sudo rpm -e (every HPVSA package, witthout .rpm). Not so fast :)

sudo reboot.

In BIOS, switch b120i to SATA mode. You can use it as sata (you are need cable MiniSAS SFF 8087 -> 4 SATA/eSATA), or disable it at all.


Additional problem is

P420 and P222 can produce to many heat. M.b you can put additional heatsink in case, to reduce noise from main heatsink of G8.


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I try to install CentOs 7.7.1908 and I cannot load the b120i driver using the instuctions.


I use hpvsa-1.2.16-125.rhel7u6.x86_64.dd.gz



Later edit, it works.


Download hpvsa-1.2.16-125.rhel7u6.x86_64.dd.gz

On macOS use Unarchever to extract to hpvsa-1.2.16-125.rhel7u6.x86_64.dd


Rename to hpvsa-1.2.16-125.rhel7u6.x86_64.img


Boot, if error, hit r


Select option 3 - OEMDRV






Well, after a while it gets stuck at

Starting Pre-anaconda logging service


I found a solution to install CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1511...

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