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Lenovo TS140 Xeon E3-1225 power consumption


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Hi all


I am considering upgrading my N54L to a TS140 and was wondering is someone could help me with power consumption figures


Based on the standard unit 4Gb ram and 4 drives 



I have read about 40 watts but i would like to confirm that and at what CPU usage

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22W idling with 1 SSD.

40W with low CPU use and 4 Reds doing nothing but spinning

80W spinning up all the drives at POST

95W with CPU at 100% reading off a pair of drives while transcoding with Plex.


That's with 16GB ECC RAM (2 sticks) so standard 4GB DIMM should be marginally less.


I've never seen any more than 95W.  Makes me wonder why they fit a 450W PSU in the EU...

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Yeah. A 200 Watt PSU would be plenty. Mind you, it's not like you're wasting power. Regardless of the capacity of the PSU, you're still using no more than 95 Watts.

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Makes me wonder why they fit a 450W PSU in the EU...

Pure speculation... probably because of different market use and regulatory demand. The US market gets the 280W PSU. The 450W PSU has an extra lead with a 6-pin 75W power connector for a PCIe x16 video card. Also, the 280W PSU is an 85%, 80 PLUS Bronze qualified unit while the 450W PSU is a 92%, 80 PLUS Platinum qualified unit. I put a 450W unit in one of my TS140s.

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Wow...I got


2 TS140's running esx 5.5, 32GB ram each..


G8 micro server, p222, 4 2TB disks...as iscsi shared storage


Never thought about power...


Performance is good...I'm fairly happy with speeds now I think...


Did think of getting 2 g8's as esx hosts...but did not was to find they are too slow...

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