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More drives needed, thus more ports needed!


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I've got my Gen8 on the way and I am also looking at expanding for some extra ports for extra drives. I'm looking to do ZFS and that iocrest card is not very expensive and looks to fit my needs well. Does that iocrest card cause an increase in fan utilization under the latest hp/ilo bios/firmware? I've done a ton of reading and can't seem to find info on the newest BIOS/ILO and non HP P222 cards causing high fan utilization.

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Its pci-e 1x based on the marvell 9128 (first gen)

the one i pointed out is marvell 9230 (second gen) with onboard arm cpu


and no the card doesnt make the fan spin any faster


my microserver is running 06/06/14 bios and 2.03 ilo


the fan is 9% usually its 11% atm and i have the heating on


this is with all devices in ahci mode with spindown enabled after 2 hours idle


9 drives total internal and a Xeon Quad Core

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Just some splitters. A molex Y splitter off the power feed, one end to the storage bay, the other end to yet another molex Y splitter, which has a single sata and then a Y sata on it.



I've got 4x 3.5" drives in the front bays, 2x 2.5" drives soon to go into the SDM, and 1x 2.5" SSD on top. I'm running Ubuntu Server running zfs on root and the hpvsa ppa added in even though I'm running AHCI mode across the board. 12gb of ram and the e3-1220L xeon chip.


My idle fan speed is at 19%, would not mind getting it a little lower. I've got that card Shonk linked above.

What settings do you have?

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mine is 19% atm but inlet is 25 deg due to the heating being on atm and it being rather toasty..


when the heating is off its 9%

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