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Can WS backup to a NAS?

Trimble Epic

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Ok, New question... What it's the most effective way to back up the server such that BMR is most easily performed?. External HD enclosure attached long enough to do the backup then detached and stored separately? Could I do this to backup just the server system drive and backup the shares separately to the NAS?


I'm really concerned about my Dreamspark licence being unable to activate again, so I want to be certain I can BMR if I ever need to...



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That's how I do my backup. The backup of the my WHS2011 has the Bare Metal Restore item checked (it auto-checks other items that are required for BMR). I do not have any of the other drives checked. I realize you're using WSE2012R2, but I suspect the same idea will work.


I, too, would be worried about the DreamSpark licence becoming useless. What I would do is make a BMR backup of the working configuration, then restore it to a spare HDD. I would absolutely not Restore to the working HDD.


Your idea of doing BMR backups of the System Drive and then storing them elsewhere sounds good to me, even better if the 'elsewhere' is in another building.

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