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First time HP proliant N54 build


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 Hello everyone,

  This is my first posting and my first server build. I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, help or criticism that anyone may offer.

  I had been looking at HP's servers on Newegg, youtube and the various forums for quite a while. I received the HP ProLiant G7 N54L MicroServer for Christmas after super sale price at Newegg.com.    Anyway my thoughts on building this for a home server/nas are as follows. I'd like to do this right the first time. I have been looking at "ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB994IPO-3SB"Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB Slim ODD + 2x 2.5' HDD Multi Bay.JPGIcy Dock.jpgIcy Dock MB994IPO-3S.jpg, which has a slot for an internal slim DVD optical drive plus two holders for 2.5" SSD drives. I figured the best of both worlds. I'm planning on using the 1st SSD  for the OS and mirrored to the 2nd. I thought of using "SYBA Combo USB 3.0 + SATA III  Model SD-PEX50055" SYBA Combo USB 3.0 + SATA III  Model SD-PEX50055.JPGSYBA Combo USB 3.0 + SATA III   SD-PEX50055.jpgin one of the Pci slots, giving me USB 3.0 plus the two internal sata ports to drive the SSD's. For the storage and backup I planning on 2 WD Red 2TB and probably 2 WD Red 3TB drives. Windows Home Server 2011 will be the OS. Will I be able to use the bios as is or do I need to modify it? If there is anything that I've missed please let me know. Thanks!

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That should work fine.  You only need to mod the BIOS if you want to boot off the onboard ODD port.  As you'll be booting off the PCI-E card, you should be fine.


The ToughArmor unit is a good job, I've had that particular one for years, and it's been great.  I also have the 4-bay one, and the 2x2.5" in a 3.5" bay model too.  Very happy with them all.

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