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Forgot BIOS password. How to reset it?


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I would presume that there's a BIOS reset pin on the motherboard. Or you can remove the BIOS battery for a minute to clear it. The server needs to be powered off and unplugged when clearing the BIOS.


Do keep in mind that both procedures will restore the BIOS settings to factory default.

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To second the above note, every MOBO manual will have this information in it.  If you don't have the hard copy, go to the manufacturers website as most always there will be a digital copy.  Search within it for the information needed, and download a copy and store it with your other documents.


Either removing the CMOS battery or moving the jumpers on three pins will do the trick.

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I forgot the password and now I don't have access to the BIOS settings. Is there an easy way to reset the passphrase?

You need to reset the NVRAM config.


1. Turn off and open the microserver

2. Look for the system maintenance switches. They're a set of very small switches near the PCIe slot.

3. Flip switch 6 from off to on. #6 is the switch that forces the microserver to ignore the NVRAM config which includes your password.

4. Power on the microserver. Wait until the POST diagnostics start. Power off the microserver.

5. Flip switch 6 from on to off.

6. Put the case back on and power on the microserver. You'll need to redo any changes you've made to the config.

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