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OneDrive + Stable Bit: This will work right?


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That's pretty cool then. I'm pleasantly surprised that a virtual link to a remote location can be replicated on the local drive. Of course, I presume the normal limitations of data caps and bandwidth/throttling apply.

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Yeah, it's pretty neat how Microsoft implemented OneDrive.

And like I said, it works 100% fine on Windows 7 (eg with the Windows 7 client), just not with the built in Windows 8.X client.


And yeah, data caps and throttling always applies. And OneDrive throttles upstream pretty aggressively. So filling it may be much more difficult than you'd think.....

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Are there tests demonstrating the upload speed over time??? I seem some tests recently.and onedrive looks rather quick (3mbit upload) but these are small.file tests. I wonder over time.if Microsoft throttled on large uploads



I would test myself but my onedrive is suddenly messed up. I cannot (in win7 cliebts) deselect folders- it is claiming I have stuff still syncing.... Although nothing is syncing and there are no errors


Tried online help and I gave a screen shot of the support rep recommending (basically) format c:\.... Despite me explaining the same error on 3 clients (home and office). Then wanted me to pay for better support (of course).




I will run those tests once I figure out the problem.



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