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Lenovo TS140 Upgrades


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Let's upgrade a Lenovo TS140.  Fill the bays.  Fill the 5.25 slots.  RAM. Everything. Go hog wild.  Must have links.



Start Here with the TS140 at $349:





I have a pair of these drives.  




I would want to set them up somehow on the server.  Maybe a fast stripe to record video on? Backed up to a spinner in the same box?

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If you've got the Xeon, you may as well go for the ECC RAM.


Just to be clear, the Core i3-4130 and some other non-Xeon CPUs also support ECC memory.

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Just to be clear, the Core i3-4130 and some other non-Xeon CPUs also support ECC memory.


Yes, sorry, I didn't mean to imply the i3 didn't.


With S1150, all Celerons, Pentiums and i3 support ECC.  There are a few i5 and I think 1 i7 that also do, but generally the i5 and i7 don't.

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I have an LSI 9260-8i RAID controller coming to work with mine, purchased new OEM to avoid the (extreme) retail cost.  I paid less than a quarter of what Newegg wants.  The newer 9261 adds PCIe 3.0 instead of 2.0, but it's far more expensive, and both do 6Gbps SATA.




As I'm on a budget, I pulled two 2TB WD Red drives from my Microserver Gen8 (I'm upgrading its array to all 3TB drives and expanding the space), and got a used Barracuda Green 2TB (yeah, not great but I got that one for free) to work with it.  I'm going to go RAID-1 with hotspare, unless I can figure out how to triple RAID-1 (primary drive with two mirrors), with the Barracuda being the hotspare.


Starting with 16GB ECC DDR3L in two Crucial 8GB modules.  Oh, and I'm adding an Intel ET dual-port gig NIC I have lying around.  Everything is here except for the RAID card, I'm just waiting on that, and it's shipping with the SAS to SATA breakout as well.  Once I've got that, I'll probably post a new build thread in this forum.  I'm probably going to do an ESXi 6 setup.


I'd love to go for an SSD boot drive and store VMs on the RAID, but for the moment, I'm out of funds.  Then again, I'd love to go to 32GB of RAM too.  Those will wait.  This will be a great experiment.

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