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The difference between 2012 & R2?

Don W

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I have Server 2012 Essentials and my daughter, through Dreamspark, can get 2012 RC Essentials and I was wondering what the difference was and if it is worth the hassle to replace 2012 with R2? It is only setup at home as a Home Server.



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I would suggest snagging what you can off of dreamspark in either case, I am always in fear that I will lose the ability to activate should I have some hardware failure. :)   [ that's how I lost my free vista license from a "heros happen here" event.... ]

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It's not worth the effort.  Wait until Windows 10 Server.

I don't know, the Client Restore Services is totally worth it. 


This feature leverages Windows Deployment Service to boot the restore disk.

Specifically, this is a PXE server, meaning that "boot from LAN" option? It will connect to the WDS server and boot the restore over the network. No disks needed. No burning disks or using USB sticks.

Better yet, you don't need to configure the DHCP server (the router usually) to get this to work. It's basically plug and plan.


And if needed, you can use the WDS console to add additional drivers, if needed.


Aside from the listed stuff previously, it may not be worth upgrading otherwise.

Though if you do, save the client backups... those will transfer from 2012E to 2012R2E.

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