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Windows Home server 2012 Essentials reversing the non-domain join, or just fixing the auto logon?


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Yeah. Weird things can happen when either the Domain or Workgroup names of servers and client PCs on a LAN aren't the same. The worst part is that the effects can be random and inconsistent.

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Glad I could help! :)

And yeah, ikon is right, weird things to tend to happen when the workgroup doesn't match up.


As for the RDP thing, ... run "netstat -a" from a command prompt on the computer that needs to be remoted into. Make sure you see "".

If you don't see it, then remote desktop isn't enabled and you need to enable it.

If you DO see it, them make sure the firewall is allowing RDP through. 


Also, enable the "telnet" client on the client computer. Run "telnet {name/IP of target computer} 3389"

If you get a blank screen, then it's working. If it actively refuses, then it's not connecting, and you may want to disable the firewall on both systems temporarily.



As for modern computers, yeah, the vents are increasingly in bad places, where you get suboptimal airflow unless you use the specific parts and configuration that the manufacturers had in mind when designing them. And keep in mind, they never disclose that information to anyone....

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Thanks very much guys.

 I didn't know whether to laugh or cry this morning. I was recording a couple of TV programs so I didn't fiddle with the HTPC last night. So this morning I changed the workgroup name over to the (non-existent domain) domain name and rebooted.

First thing I noted was that the auto logon had been overridden. No problem. Enter local local user and password and after thinking about it for a LONG time, pc allowed me to login.

So I went back to my work PC to check the following:
    able to see the shared foldersz on the HTPC? Yup
    able to Remote Desktop in to HTPC? YES,

What other miracles have taken place as a result of changing the workgroup name over to match the domain? Turned on the W 2012 Essentials Server R2 and:
    network map now works ,
    server shares are now visible on my work PC  YES!!
    My Movies Collection Management now works. YES!!

All those fixes simply by changing the workgroup name to match the (non-existent domain) domain name.

Allan H

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Fantastic! :)


Windows networking can be a royal PITA some times, but glad we were able to point you in the right direction. :)

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