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VDS.exe (Virtual Disk Service), waking up my drives


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i switched from WSE2012 to WSE2012R2 recently. I noticed that my drives randomly spin up.

I monitored the Resource Monitor and found VDS.exe (Virtual Disk Service) waking up my drives from standby.

It wakes them all, one after the other.


Do i have any way do determine why it does that and how i can potentially stop it from doing that?

Do i need VDS.exe at all? If so, for what?


Any suggestions?

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What's accessing VDS?


Do you have any disk tools installed?

Such as partitioning tools, StableBit products, etc?


Also, check the power management options and make sure that's sleeping the drives.



Also, check "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\logs". Find the storageservice logs and see if it's querying the disks at the same times. 

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thanks for the reply.


I have StableBit Scanner installed.

But its Setup like it was before and should not spin up my drives.


I captured this a seconds ago as my drives spun up again:

From the storageservice log:

[02/20/2015 00:16:41  a3c] [FsrmUtil] Connecting to FSRM
[02/20/2015 00:16:41  a3c] [FsrmUtil] Failed to connect to WMI server. error: 0x8004100e
[02/20/2015 00:16:41  a3c] [FolderQuota] Failed to connect to FSRM. error: 0x8004100e
[02/20/2015 00:17:59  a38] ++++ Drive::SendEvent (952f329b-737e-4a08-80e2-c0767d6ce5fe)@0xb5e1a880
[02/20/2015 00:17:59  a38] [Drive] drive UPDATED event sent.
[02/20/2015 00:17:59  a38] ---- Drive::SendEvent

resource monitor looks like this when the drives spin up:



I dont know if this helps to identify the cause.

Any other place i can look whats accessing cds.exe?

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(sorry for the delay).


Try stopping the StableBit Scanner/DrivePool service and see if that helps here. I know we query VDS periodically, and that could be waking the disks up. 


Also, are any of your disks USB drives?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I stopped the Scanner Service and the drives stayed in spin down the whole day. So i guess Scanner is the source.

Again i think i configured it correctly to not wake up my drives.


Do you have any advice? Shut i uninstall an reconfigure Scanner?

Or can i provide you with some kind of log to figure out why this is happening?

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Try throttling the SMART queries in StableBit Scanner.

To do so, click on the "Settings" button in the toolbar, and select the "Scanner Settings" option.


In the SMART tab, there should be three options. Try enabling the first one (query no more than once every x minutes) and set that to 60 (default, IIRC),

See if that helps.

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