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Replacement for stablebit on linux?


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Hi everyone. I'm going to be migrating from windows to linux. The only thing that has kept on windows to be honest is stablebit. I absolutely love stablebit but unfortunately i'm not much of a windows lover. Anyways i would pay 3X what stablebit cost if it ever comes to linux but alas that will probably never happen. I'm looking into what i'm going to use to replace stablebit when i migrate to windows. I don't want to go ZFS. My biggest problem with ZFS is ram requirements. I would like a system similar to stablebit that pools drives and uses a simple type of duplication technology yet leaves the drives formatted in ext4 so if something every happens you can pull the data off of each drive rather than have to have it connected to a pool to do any type of recovery. I've looked at greyhole but some of the statements on the site made me a little hesitant to be honest:

While Greyhole tries hard to keep your files available, if a drive dies, some files could disappear momentarily from your shares, until Greyhole has time to find the extra copies needed to make them re-appear (if you configured enough file copies).



Happy with a lot of small files, or often-changing files


Using Greyhole to store a lot of small files is not-a-good-idea™.
Similarly, storing files that change often, especially large files, is asking for trouble. i.e. don't use a Greyhole share for your currently-downloading torrents, and zip folders with a large number of files, if you can. Greyhole, and subsequently you, will be happier from it.


So i don't know if i want to go that route.  From what i've heard Btrfs is not ready for prime time. I'm not big on the idea of a proprietary system link unRaid. What i use should be able to be installed on any distro i choose. Also i don't like the use of a parity drive on unRaid (i want simple duplication). Maybe there isn't anything and i'll just have to go back to copying files between drives using rsync but i hoping there is a solution that i'm unaware of.


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I'm flip-flopping between Windows and unRAID at the moment.  I have one machine running unRAID, and it seems to work pretty well, especially at keeping the drives spun down.  With unRAID6 you have Docker, which so far has worked pretty well for me, I'm running Plex, Sonarr, NZBGet and Transmission in Dockers, and they've given me no trouble at all. unRAID6 is still in beta, though, so it's possible things go horribly wrong, but it's been pretty stable for me so far in beta12.


On the other hand, I still like having a Windows box, so I have another machine sitting configured, but turned off. 


I'm undecided about which way to go.

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Yeah, there really aren't a whole lot of good linux storage solutions. Especially not like Drive Extender/StableBit DrivePool.


However, this site does a decent job of listing alternatives:



But as you may see... slim pickings.

Though apparently FlexRAID's TransparentRAID works on linux. If that's the case, it may be a viable solution, as FlexRAID is pretty decent.

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